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The work in DETECT will focus on the development of a methodology and an operational planning tool for optimising monitoring networks. In this respect, the end user's group is most important to follow the development from the beginning to assure that the final product fulfils all requirements necessary for operational applications. The DETECT end user's group will assure that their experience and their demands are adequately considered. The aim is also to assure a strong interaction with the demonstration activities within the project.

The DUG is one of the vehicles that are established to support the successful implementation of the DETECT project and shall be used for all the issues related to optimisation and setting up of monitoring systems in Europe. It shall be a forum for both the exchange of experience and information and the provision of technical support to all those interested in this topic. The project will encourage also other organisations to participate in the DUG.

In compliance with the recommendation of the evaluation panel, the project coordinator will control the resources allocated to organize regular meeting with the stakeholders and relay the feedback to the RTD teams in this project. All institutions listed on page 19 except NRPA are not formally part of the project, but they have agreed to participate in project meetings and provide feedback.

Description of work (brief description and month of delivery)

In total 3 DUG meetings will be prepared and minutes of the meetings will be provided.

(there are no RTD resources needed/allocated only travel and subsistence to attend the meetings are considered)


D3.1 Report on the DUG activities in month 12
D3.2 Report on the DUG activities in month 18
D3.3 Report on the DUG activities in month 27