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Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Institute for Geoinformatics

The institute for geoinformatics (ifgi) is among the few German university departments that offer a program of study in geoinformatics. Moreover, the institute offers courses in geoinformatics, digital cartography and geostatistics for students of landscape ecology, geography and geology and other programs of study. The ifgi aims at internationalizing education in cooperation with international networks such as, eduGI.LA, ISAP or the AGILE education working group. The research areas of ifgi are spatio-temporal dynamic processes, semantic interoperability, spatial assistance systems, cognitive engineering and sensor networks.

Prof. Dr. Edzer J. Pebesma holds an MSc in Physical Geography (1991, Utrecht University) and a PhD in geographical sciences (1996, Utrecht University). He has been an active researcher in geostatistics and applied spatial statistics for over 15 years, and has been teaching these subjects at the geosciences faculty of Utrecht University for almost 10 years. Internationally, he is well known as the author of the widely-used open source gstat software project, which provides tools for geostatistical modelling, prediction and simulation, in GIS environments or in the R or S-Plus statistical computing environments. He is also developer and maintainer the open source “sp” software package that provides facilities for dealing with spatial data (points, lines, polygons, grids) in the R statistical environment. He is currently coordinator of the FP6 STREP “INTAMAP”, which aims at developing an interoperable automated interpolation service for environmental monitoring network data, addressing interpolation uncertainty issues. He is further involved in two FP6 IP’s on environmental health assessment. Edzer has written over 20 papers in peer reviewed journals, and has chaired several sessions on scientific conferences. Edzer is a member of the editorial board of CATENA.