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Belgian Nuclear Research Center

SCK•CEN, is the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre being a foundation of public utility under the tutorial of the Belgian Federal Minister in charge of energy. The statutory mission gives the priority to research on problems of societal concern like safety of nuclear installations, Radiation protection, safe treatment and disposal of radioactive waste, fight against uncontrolled proliferation of fissile materials, education and training, etc.

In order to perform its research programme and to provide its services to industry and third parties, SCK•CEN operates several nuclear facilities, as well as emphasizing its educational and training programmes such as coordinating the Belgian and initiated the European Nuclear Engineering Network, International School for Radiological Protection. SCK•CEN has a long tradition in the organisation of off site nuclear emergency response training courses, which in the past were sponsored by the European Commission Research and Training Programme, and thus plays a leading role in assisting the government in nuclear and radiological emergency response related issues.

Carlos Rojas Palma, Ph.D.
Carlos is the project leader of nuclear emergency response R&D activities within the Decision Strategy Research Department, which is under the Radiation Protection Division of the SCK•CEN. He has recently coordinated 2 RTD projects (DAONEM and MODEM) for the EURATOM 5th framework programme and 2 thematic clusters (SAMEN and MOSES), which were listed among the success projects of the 5th FP for their contribution to creating a European Research Area in off site nuclear emergency management and rehabilitation of contaminated environments.

He now member of the advisory committee of the 6th FP integrated project EURANOS and expert group chair of the Assistance Work Group in charge of the implementation of the new IAEA action plan on notification and assistance in case of a nuclear incident or radiological emergency.

Catrinel Turcanu holds a Master Degree in Applied Sciences and a PhD in Engineering Sciences from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium). She has more than ten years of experience in research and development in the field of nuclear emergency management. She is presently scientific staff member of SCK•CEN. Her current research includes optimisation and decision support techniques applied in off-site nuclear emergency management, as well as stakeholder involvement processes. She is an expert user of RODOS and an experienced software developer.

Johan Camps Obtained a PhD in nuclear and radiation physics from the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium in 1997. Worked as medical radiation physicist in Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine for several years but returned to research as post doctoral fellow (contractual agent) at the Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (Joint Research Centre, European Commission) from 2005-2007. There he worked on the realisation of a reproducible ionisation chamber in the field of radionuclide metrology. Started end 2007 at SCK•CEN as scientific collaborator in the field of atmospheric dispersion and dose models and monitoring for emergency response.