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The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority, Norway

NRPA is the Norwegian authority on radiation protection and emergency response is one of its key tasks. Indeed, NRPA is chairing the National Competent Authorities’ Coordination Group (NCACG), whose main role is to cooperate with the member states, to ensure successful implementation of the long term International Action Plan for Strengthening the International Preparedness and Response System for Nuclear and Radiological Emergencies.
NRPA is both the National Competent Authority and the National Warning Point in case of nuclear or radiological emergency. NRPA is also responsible for the Norwegian early warning network on radioactivity in air as well as heading the Norwegian Crisis Committee for nuclear accidents. NRPA has considerable experience in dealing with the aftermath of the Chernobyl accident. NRPA also has experience in dealing with accidents with Russian nuclear submarines like the sinking of Kursk in 2000, K-159 in 2003 and the fire aboard Danil Moskovskiy in 2006 .
NRPA has been involved in numerous research projects since FP4. NRPA has good experience in communication with end users and has a direct link to the Norwegian Crisis Committee with a range of decision makers with different responsibilities in case of nuclear or radiological emergency.

Key Personnel

Head of section Eldri Holo is leading the NRPA section for Emergency Preparedness. This section is responsible for planning and response to nuclear or radiological incidents or accidents and is the secretariat to the Norwegian Crisis Committee for nuclear accidents Included here is the responsibility for the early warning stationary network for radioactivity in air. Eldri Holo is a nuclear physicist with many years experience of all aspects of nuclear emergency preparedness. She has been involved in several EC projects and is currently involved in FP6 EURATOM projects EURANOS and TMT Handbook.

Senior Advisor Morten Sickel has a degree in nuclear chemistry from the University in Oslo. At NRPA, he has been working especially with data management, analysis and reporting within various topics in radioecology. He has been responsible for radioactivity data collection and management within the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP). At present his main responsibility at NRPA is mobile measurement system and integration of data from those systems with other information relevant for crisis management.

Research scientist Jan Erik Dyve is responsible for the Norwegian early warning network on radioactivity in air. He has been the key player in substituting the old network with a new one in 2006. He has excellent knowledge in suitable detector systems, data collection and transfer protocols. Jan Erik Dyve manages the ARGOS nuclear decision support system, including related models, within the NRPA and is an active member of the ARGOS consortium which oversees the technical and strategic development of this software. He is part of European Commission's EURDEP-ECURIE working group on data exchange systems. He has several years of experience in programming prior to joining NRPA.